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Notes on the English Translations of the Silent Hill Series
(Silent Hill英文翻译两三事)
In her monologue before the final battle, Dahlia refers to the entity inside
Alessa not as "God" but as "(her) savior."


-Blaustein decided to use the word "hometown" in the memo about Walter Sullivan
from Silent Hill 2, which doesn't quite reflect the wording in the original
script. Pleasant River isn't Sullivan's hometown, but simply "where he was

英文剧本导演Blaustein决定在Walter Sulliven的memo中使用“家乡”一词来指代文献中的另一个地方pleasant rive。不过事实是pleasant river并不是Walter Sulliven的家乡,只是他曾经生活过的地方。

-A line from the diary on the roof in Silent Hill 2 reads, "would they have
saved me if I didn't have a family to feed?" Blaustein seems to have taken quite
a liberty with this sentence. What it literally says is "would they have (not)
saved me if there was no one who would grieve for me?"

2 代BH医院天台上的曰记中,有一句台词的翻译为“如果不是我要养家糊口,他们还会给我治疗么?”英文导演Blaudstein看起来在这句话的翻译上犯了一个小错误,过于去扣字眼了。实际上,这段曰记要表达的思想是“如果连一个为我哀悼的人都没有了,他们给我治疗还有什么意义?”

In a journal found in Brookhaven Hospital, a doctor makes a comment about the
"other side" that was translated as: "After all, there is no wall between here
and there. It lies on the borders where reality and unreality intersect." The
second sentence is actually a word for word reiteration of something that's
mentioned in the Koshiki Guidebook Q&A. More literally, it says that there is
no wall because "the exact line (or border) between reality and unreality is
indistinct (or vague or ambiguous)."


In the English version of Silent Hill 2, a line from Mary's letter to James
reads, "You promised you take me there again someday, but you never did."
What the translation doesn't capture is the fact that Mary blames not James
but herself (and her illness) for this.

在2代的英文剧本中,Mary留给James的信件有这样的对白。“你答应过要带我再次来到Silent Hill,但你食言了。”这个句子翻译实际上并没有体现出Mary的真实情感,实际上Mary是因为自己的病情拖累了James而在自责。

In the car on the way to Silent Hill, Heather tells Douglas that Alessa had
"a power that wasn't normal and could not be explained." Jeremy Blaustein
reworded this sentence as "she could make things happen with her mind."

在去Silent Hill的路上,Heather告诉Douglas,Alessa当时具有非同寻常无法解释的力量。Blaustein把这句话改写成了“她可以用意念来做某些事情”

The first sentence of the "cult's symbol" memo from Silent Hill 3 was translated
as "Represents the deity known as the Halo of the Sun," but it's the symbol itself
that is known as the Halo of the Sun and not the deity. In the original sentence,
the word "crest" has two modifiers: One is "known as the Halo of the Sun" and the
other is "represents God." A better way of putting it might be "the crest
represents the deity and is known as the Halo of the Sun."

在3代关于教会纹章的文献中有这样的记载“这个纹章代表了神的神性,Halo of the sun”。但是,这个纹章的名字就叫做Halo of the sun,而不是神性之名。这里发生了一些语意上的混淆。在原始剧本里,“纹章”一词有两个翻译的版本。一个是“它的名字是Halo of the sun”;另一个则是“代表了教会所信仰的上帝”。
更为准确的翻译应该是“这个纹章代表了神的神性,一般叫做Halo of the sun”

on the conversation on the cassette tape found in the church, one of the cult
members tells Vincent that according to Claudia, Alessa had been located.
Vincent replies that it must be true because "[Claudia's] Sight rarely fails
her." However, the original script doesn't say anything about a "sight"--
Vincent's line is simply "There is a power in [Claudia]."


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The Truth About This Town

A Q&A on the story's secrets

Even after playing it through many times, a few baffling mysteries remain in this game.
The truth about what took place in Silent Hill behind what Harry does there is close at hand.


Q: How about an outline of the town of Silent Hill?

问题:您能给我们简单介绍一下Silent Hill的大概情况么?

A: At first glance, it's a deserted rural town, but...

Silent Hill, the setting for the story, is a rural town located somewhere in northeast America.
Its chief industries are tourism and, to a lesser extent, agriculture. It is a small town with a
population below 30,000, and its key industry-- tourism-- is in a state of steady decline.
Some of the town's conservative residents oppose modernization and the transformation
of the town into a tourist attraction, and although Silent Hill appears at a glance to be an
innocuous rural town, this has brought about an unexpected "darkness" of drug distribution
here. It is rumored that a religious cult of a considerable scale exists behind the scenes.

It also seems to be a place where young people are spirited away, workers from the town's
development group die mysteriously, and sinister traditions continue to be handed down
from long ago.

答:作为故事的发生地,Silent Hill是一个坐落于美国东北部的风景小镇,它的支柱产业是旅游业以及农业,人口不超过30000,是一个规模相对较小的城镇。一方面,它的主要财政收入旅游业也处在衰落期。一些保守派的居民拒绝现代化和工业浪潮以及政府为了推广旅游业而做的努力,另外一方面,暗地里在小镇的生活中还出现了毒品交易。人们盛传小镇上的教会组织为了牟取利润暗地向外来的游客兜售毒品。这个地方看起来对向往现代化生活的年轻人来说没有什么吸引力,同时也因为一系列离奇的市政建设官员死亡事件而使小镇笼罩在阴谋的氛围中。

Q: What happened to most of the people who lived in Silent Hill?

问:对那些曾经居住在Silent Hill的人来说,到底都发生了什么事情?

A: Unknown! Whatever you feel to be frightening is the truth.

From the moment Harry wakes up, the town is already deserted. What specifically
happened is not made clear until the end-- the only thing that is certain is that this is not
an ordinary situation. While it is only natural to wonder about the welfare of the people
who originally lived in Silent Hill, one should be able to come up with a few explanations
after completing the game: everyone died, or what happens in the nightmare world has
no effect on reality, or it was all Harry's dream, etc. Of these, the most likely explanation
is that the events took place in the world of Alessa's nightmares.

Silent Hill is a town where nightmares become reality, so I want those who have played the
game to take the truth to be whatever each of them feels is the most frightening.


Silent Hill外部的通道都被石头堵塞,看起来就象是经过了一场地震。如果我们不先去弄清楚在此之前发生了什么事情,这个问题的答案恐怕永远都不会有人知道。我现在只能够说,在Silent Hill,真实和虚幻之间的界限是模糊不清的。也许是小镇被移动到了某个不为人知的空间,又或许是所有的一切不过是某个人的梦境而已。在那些被石头堵塞断成两半的街道后面,可能是真实的世界么?

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Q: Where did the monsters come from?

A: They were born from Alessa's obsessions and compulsions.

Mysterious monsters roam the deserted town, the same creatures that appear in Alessa's
nightmares. Related to phenomena in her memories, they are materialized by stress,
pressure, an anxious state of mind, and the like. For example, the pterosaur-type monsters
found throughout town were brought forth from an illustration in one of Alessa's favorite books,
The Lost World. The green caterpillar and moth monsters came from the insect specimens
that decorate her room. Her sense of trivial things that looked strange to her as a child
became reality, along with the objects of her fears.


Q: Why does the town suddenly become dark?

A: Even in the nightmare world, there is a cycle.

It becomes night (?) on a number of occasions as Harry moves about the town. In the same
way, there are also many times when aspects of the town and its buildings change completely.
For the sake of convenience, this will be referred to as the "right side" and "reverse side" in
this book. These changes occur because there is a cycle in the world of Alessa's nightmares
which envelops the town. In the same way that a person normally repeats REM sleep and
non-REM sleep in regular cycles while he or she is sleeping, when the nightmare world
approaches a deeper darkness (sleep), a phenomenon occurs in which light is almost
completely taken away and the world shifts into an even deeper nightmare as the cycle shifts
again. As for the "right side" and the "reverse side," in short, it isn't that one is reality and one
is a dream; the fact is that neither is reality. Incidentally, the reason the "reverse side" takes on
such an ominous aspect is that with her burned body, Alessa's endless nightmares were
twisted and amplified by thoughts of the malevolent god. Her hatred and terror became
nourishment on which the malevolent deity thrived.


至于我们所使用的“正世界”和“反世界”的概念,并不是说它们一个是真实,一个则是梦,事实是它们都不是真实地理意义下的Silent Hill。“反世界”之所以会变得如此黑暗的原因,是因为Alessa在严重的伤势下产生的无休止的噩梦。与此同时,她的痛苦和憎恶都成为了体内供神发育的营养。

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Q: What happened to most of the people who lived in Silent Hill?

A: Unknown! Whatever you feel to be frightening is the truth.

From the moment Harry wakes up, the town is already deserted. What specifically
happened is not made clear until the end-- the only thing that is certain is that this is not an ordinary situation. While it is only natural to wonder about the welfare of the people who originally lived in Silent Hill, one should be able to come up with a few explanations after completing the game: everyone died, or what happens in the nightmare world has no effect on reality, or it was all Harry's dream, etc. Of these, the most likely explanation is that the events took place in the world of Alessa's nightmares.

Silent Hill is a town where nightmares become reality, so I want those who have played the game to take the truth to be whatever each of them feels is the most frightening.



Silent Hill具有将人们的恶梦实体化的能力,所以我更乐意看到玩家自己通过游戏去感受这种真实,提出他们自己的解释。

Q: What were Dahlia's intentions?


A: To realize the long-cherished wish of the religious cult to which she belongs.


Dahlia Gillespie appears in and after the middle stage of the game and suggests to Harry his course of action. In the game's final stage, we discover that she is the one who masterminded the whole affair, and that what she was doing was supported by a profoundly grand motive. Although it isn't mentioned in the game, Dahlia assumes the role of a spiritualistic medium in a certain cult that has been established in Silent Hill's underworld.

The unique doctrine of this cult is rooted in legends about the god of the land, and is
separate from any religious doctrine that exists in reality. Simply put, bringing about the advent of the malevolent god and unleashing limitless destruction-- this is the long-cherished wish of the religious organization to which Dahlia belongs, because "all sins will be washed away," "everyone will be freed from all suffering," and they will "take back the true paradise."
The technique to impregnate the womb of a human mother with the malevolent god had been carried out many times in order to achieve that end, but it had always failed. Among the mysterious disappearances that took place in town, there are cases in which young girls were abducted by the cult as prospective surrogate mothers (although most of them were simply young people who grew tired of the countryside and left for the city).

Dhalia Gillespie在故事的中期和后期都扮演了一个重要的角色,是她向Harry指明了前进的道路。在最后的一幕里我们会发现Dhalia其实是所有一切的幕后黑手,她所有一切行为的动机更是骇人听闻。她的真实身份是寂静岭地下教会的灵媒。




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Q: What was the cause of the fire that broke out seven years ago?


A: A ritual that Dahlia performed using Alessa.


Dahlia originally thought that Alessa would follow in her own footsteps as a spiritualistic
medium for the cult, but realized that the ritual would be far more likely to succeed if she
used her as the surrogate mother to bring about the descent of the cult's god. And so
seven years ago, Dahlia performed the technique to bring about the descent of the cult's
god using Alessa in the cellar of her own house. Although it seems the cult has a place
they use for rituals, Dahlia was confident that she would be able to summon the malevolent
deity if Alessa was the surrogate mother; therefore, as it was not necessary to choose a
location, she impulsively carried out the ritual in her own basement. The ritual process
involved a great deal of fire, which consequently escalated into a conflagration. Incidentally,
there is information in the game about "six houses that burned down in the business district,"
but the actual site of the fire can't be located on the business district map. It seems the
houses were completely torn down during those seven years.


Q: Did Alessa die in the fire seven years ago?


A: She survived.


In the game, it is reported that Alessa's "charred body was found." Although the records
show that she had died, she was secretly taken to Alchemilla Hospital and nursed for seven
years in the hospital basement. Kaufmann prepared a substitute body; it's possible he was
also the one who performed the "autopsy." The method Dahlia used to bring about the
descent of the cult's god had nearly succeeded with Alessa as the surrogate mother, but
Alessa quickly let part of her soul escape and the technique was not completely successful.
In short, even with the embryonic malevolent god within her, the ritual was in a suspended state.
Alessa had suffered burns covering her entire body that were far beyond a fatal level, but she
continued to live-- that is, she was kept alive-- because the malevolent deity protects its
mother's body. Additionally, Dahlia continuously inflicted pain upon Alessa in that state for
seven years by means of an incantation that compelled the missing part of her soul to respond
to her. That part of her soul was Cheryl. If the soul could be unified, the ritual would be
complete and the malevolent deity would awaken, so Dahlia caused Alessa to suffer,
compelling her to seek help from Cheryl. Incidentally, corpses (?) that appear to be wrapped
in robes that cover them from head to toe are seen in places that lead to the "other" world.
These figures are wearing the cult's ceremonial robe. Perhaps they were manifested by
Alessa's resentment of the cult?

在游戏的文献中会发现这样的记载,“Alessa烧焦的尸体被发现”。尽管在官方纪录上她已经死亡,不过事实是Alessa被秘密带到了Alchemila医院地下室接受治疗。Michael Kaufmann准备了一副备用的尸体,很有可能也是他进行了所谓的“尸检”。Dhalia的仪式几乎将要获得成功,如果不是Alessa在仪式的过程中释放了自己的一部分意识。这使得整个仪式被延缓了7年时间。在这7年的时间里,尽管Alessa受到了致命的伤害,她仍然没有办法从死亡中得到解脱,因为体内神的胚胎保护了自己的母体。在此期间里,Dhalia不断的对Alessa深度休克的身体施以各种痛苦,以让她脱离母体的这部分意识有所感应。这就是Cheryl。为了让两个灵魂重新合二为一,再次举行仪式,Dhalia不断的对Alessa的身体施以痛苦,最终导致了Cheryl回到了寂静岭。


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Q: Did Cheryl know that she was Alessa's "other self?"
问:Cheryl 知道自己是Alessa的另一半么?

A: She was completely unaware of it.


Although Cheryl was Alessa's "other self," she was not conscious of it. When she told Harry
she wanted to go to Silent Hill, it was because the sensation of Alessa's suffering-- "Someone
help me"-- had reached her. For seven years, Alessa endured her suffering because she had
not wanted to destroy whatever small happiness her other self was able to enjoy, but little by
little, Dahlia's incantation succeeded and it became more than Alessa could bear. And so
based on her perception that "It's like someone (myself?) is calling me...", Cheryl came to
Silent Hill with Harry.


Q: When did Cheryl and Alessa unite?


A: During the early stages of the story.


Although the exact moment isn't specified, there's no mistaking that it was during the story's
early stages. Cheryl's disappearance into the alleyway during the opening came about because
Alessa's nightmare had encroached into Harry's dream; that development is not specifically
related to Cheryl's fusion with Alessa. Additionally, the game features both a grown-up form
of Alessa as well as a child form. One of these is her appearance at her actual age, while the
other is a "phantom" from seven years ago. By merging with Cheryl, Alessa (at her actual age)
was reborn from her severe burns, broke the spell that Dahlia and the cult's priests had used to
bind her, and took action. After uniting, Alessa had acquired psychic powers such as teleportation--
powers that she had always possessed. If she had been living under normal circumstances, these powers would almost never manifest themselves. Alessa naturally possessed a certain amount of spiritual intuition and at that point in time her "sixth sense" was powerful enough that she was having premonitions, but these were more like hunches than supernatural powers. Her mother Dahlia may have performed magic and the like, but this does not mean she had special powers. Could it be that having the malevolent deity dwelling within her body and uniting with Cheryl were what led Alessa to acquire supernatural powers?


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Q: What is the Mark of Samael?

A: The truth is that there is no profound significance.


Dahlia uses the phrase "the Mark of Samael" while speaking to Harry. This is a sophism to make
Harry worry that terrible things are happening that must be stopped at any cost; it's nonsense that falls under the category of wordplay. Dahlia thought she could use Harry to catch Alessa, so she used incomprehensible terms with feigned sincerity.


Q: What is the Seal of Metatron?


A: It's like a spell of annihilation.


What Alessa was actually creating was the Seal of Metatron. Its name is derived from the name
of an angel of release in the Kabbalistic system. Bound by the cult's spell and living in an endless
nightmare in agony, Alessa's wish was for a complete death. Since she was unable to die in a
normal fashion while under the influence of the power of the malevolent deity, Alessa intended
to "annihilate" herself by the power of the Seal of Metatron with the nightmare world at hand.
At the moment Cheryl and Alessa united, she gained the power to escape from the cult's spell; at the same time, the technique that brought about the descent of the cult's god succeeded and the malevolent deity resumed its maturation process. This time, Alessa was engaged in a struggle, a race between the malevolent god's maturation and the seal's completion. If the seal were to be completed, Harry, Cybil, Dahlia and the others would all be annihilated along with Alessa. However, as it is questionable whether the Seal of Metatron actually has this sort of power, there is also the possibility that Alessa, using knowledge she acquired when she was very young, freed herself from the effects of the malevolent god's power through autosuggestion and was attempting to realize her own death. Because Dahlia was at least aware of the fact that Alessa had the will to end her own life, she prepared for the worst-case scenario and took steps to prevent this from happening. She used
Harry for that very purpose.

Alessa was creating the Seal of Metatron at the school, hospital, antique shop, lighthouse, and
amusement park. Draw lines connecting these seals and their placement creates an enormous
Mark of Samael throughout the town. The seal may also have been created in other places as well.



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Q: Who constructed the "other church" and for what purpose?


A: Dahlia constructed it based on the cult's doctrine.


The "other church" is a reproduction of the one that was originally in Dahlia's home, where she usedit for daily worship. In short, Harry was drawn to it because the antique shop is a place that was originally close to the "reverse side." The reason it appears in the final stage of the game is that Alessa retained the memory of having been made to worship at the altar in her house as a young girl.


Q: What sort of partnership did Dahlia and Kaufmann have?


A: One centered around drugs and magic.


Dahlia and Kaufmann were connected by the trade of White Claudia, used to make the drug PTV.
In the game, the white powder in the safe at the general store is PTV. The cult has used White
Claudia, the raw material for the drug, during its rituals since ancient times. In short, despite the
fact that the religious cult to which Dahlia belongs is a secret society, they have come to possess the sort of structure and organizational capability that allows them to manufacture narcotics beyond the reach of police surveillance. White Claudia, which is refined into the extremely powerful drug PTV, is transferred out of the cult and sold chiefly to tourists by Kaufmann. In return, Kaufmann carries out illegal medical dealings, such as phony autopsy reports and diverting pharmaceuticals into illegal channels. And then, ever since the fire seven years ago, magic through the power of the malevolent god and the matter of nursing the burned Alessa became bargaining points. Kaufmann's desire, the scope of which illustrates his worldly self-interests, was the profit yielded by the drug.
Kaufmann is a realist by nature who does not believe in things like spells and black magic, but he accepted the responsibility of caring for Alessa so that the White Claudia exchange would continue to take place in his favor. However, being a firsthand witness to the deaths of the mayor and a narcotics officer, both of which were brought about by means of the magic drawn from the embryonic malevolent god's power, it seems he came to the decision that if the magic was something he could use, he would take advantage of it. Incidentally, the "mysterious deaths of a development group" that Lisa mentions during her conversation with Harry is a kind of urban legend, so whether or not that sort of thing actually happened is uncertain.

Dhalia和Kaufmann因为原材料White Claudia和毒品制品PTV交易而走到了一起。在游戏中的Iidian Runner的储藏室那些白色的粉末就是PTV的制品。自从远古时期以来,Dhalia所属的教会就一直在某些宗教仪式中使用具有致幻作用的White Claudia。尽管长期以来它们都只是地下秘密组织性质的存在,但经过长期的发展,教会已经具有了一定的规模和结构,能够在警方的控制之外生产毒品。White Claudia被秘密制成非常强效的毒品PTV,以Kaufmann为渠道秘密销售给小镇上的游客。作为回报,Kaufmann秘密进行着非法的勾当,诸如假尸检报告以及非法走私医药制品。

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Q: Who is the guy who ran the general store, Norman Young?

问:杂货店的经理,Norman Young是何许人物?

A: A former colleague of Kaufmann's.


Norman Young was once involved in low-level drug trafficking together with Kaufmann, but washed his hands of it completely because the risk was too great. He had nothing to do with the cult, and it seems that he had heard rumors that Kaufmann had recently done things that were disquieting. From details such as the fact that he was asked to transport food to the motel, it can be surmised that he might have been a henchman of sorts for Kaufmann. In any case, Norman Young is not someone who is particularly relevant to the events of Silent Hill.

很久以前,Norman Young曾经一同和Kaufmann进行过风险较小的毒品交易,不过他早已金盆洗手远离了这个圈子因为。Norman同教会之间没有关联,而且他从外界听到的传言是Kaufmann与最近发生的一些令人不安事件有关。不过尽管如此,他还是Kaufmann的忠实追随者,愿意为他做一些毒品的中转交易。简单的来说,Norman Young同故事并没有太多的联系

Q: What can the Flauros do?


A: It has tremendous magical effects.


It is said that powerful magic abilities lie dormant within the Flauros, which was excavated from
ancient ruins. Dahlia prepared the Flauros in secret as a trump card that was hers alone. It is
unclear whether she saw the current situation on the horizon...

As for the etymology of Flauros, it is one of the 72 spirits of Solomon and the name of someone
who possesses faculties as an "antagonist."



Q: What is aglaophotis?


A: The last resort against a malevolent god!?


The religious cult to which Dahlia belongs, as previously mentioned, possesses an original
structure that is wholly separate from any religious doctrine that exists in reality, although in some cases its concepts and terms were appropriated from other religious terminology for the sake of convenience. This is because of its "new religion" aspect, which came about as the cult's doctrine was systematized through the process of researching theology and demonology. Aglaophotis is a term from the Kabbalah that means something like "amulet." Dahlia and the others were using it to mean something that impedes the malevolent deity (what they call God). This is because they consider the roots of demons, as they are called in conventional religions, to be not far removed from those of the god of the land in which they believe.

Kaufmann, who was aware of its existence from rumors in the cult, secretly obtained aglaophotis
and then divided it up and hid it away as a last resort, just in case (having calculated that someone could have found out he was doing this). Just as he had expected, the aglaophotis that was at the hospital had been thrown onto the floor and smashed completely, but at the end of the game Kaufmann uses the other aglaophotis that he had hidden in the motorcycle (although it would seem to have had no effect). Aglaophotis is extremely rare, and Kaufmann must have had to go to extraordinary lengths to obtain it. These facts indicate that in spite of their cooperative relationship, Kaufmann distrusted Dahlia and the others.



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